Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here at last, and with it the chance to finally clean away winter’s yuck…  Our long NEPA winters can certainly take their toll on you and your home.  Spring cleaning, when done right however, doesn’t just help your home recover from those winter months, but prepare for the warm ones! 

Here are some tips to start off your Spring Cleaning right!

*As always, pretest all cleaning products in an inconspicuous area first to ensure they do not harm or discolor the finish

Open the windows

Your house is still full of stale winter air.  Take advantage of a nice day by opening all of the windows to air it out.  You will not believe the difference this can make.  This is also a great opportunity to give the windows and screens a thorough cleaning!  For an easy DIY cleaning hack that will help you make short work of the window screens, use a scrap of carpeting.  The fibers are perfect for cleaning all of the little gaps in the screen material.

Put away your winter stuff

We never seem to have enough space for all of the seasonal clothing, blankets, comforters, and decorations.  By giving them one final cleaning and putting them into storage, you know that they won’t be in your way all Summer!  For blankets that may be a bit musty, try hanging them outside on a clothesline during the day. 

Clean out the fridge

There probably isn’t an appliance in your home that sees as much activity as the fridge does.  While you try to keep it clean, in order to do so properly, you need to take everything out and this can be time consuming.  As part of your Spring Cleaning Checklist, make some time to empty and thoroughly clean the fridge, you probably didn’t even realize that jar of pickles in the back leaked!  For an effective, all natural, cleaner, mix some salt and soda water together.  The foaming action of the soda water combined with the abrasive salt is an extremely effective cleaner.

Make faucets and shower heads look like new

Lime buildup can be a real problem.  In addition to looking unsightly, it can clog shower heads and reduce water coverage.  White vinegar works phenomenally well at removing lime buildup and can make your faucet look like new.  For stubborn buildup, you can soak paper towels in vinegar and wrap them around the faucet, or even fill a zip-top bag with vinegar and put it over the shower head (tying it securely behind the shower head).  Let this sit for 45 minutes or an hour and remove.  The lime buildup should have softened and will now be easier to wipe off!

Clean hard floors and vacuum carpets

All winter, you’ve been tracking in snow, salt, and mud.  Now is the perfect time to clean hardwood and tile floors, and to vacuum carpets.  Take some time to work your way through the house, cleaning and polishing hardwoods, cleaning tile and grout, and vacuuming / shampooing carpets!  You won’t just be getting these surfaces looking fresh and clean, you’ll be removing a lot of the dust and allergens that would otherwise be floating around in the air!

Now that winter’s finally over, you’re probably eager to freshen up your home and start enjoying the warm weather.  We hope these tips will help you start off your Spring Cleaning right!

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