Local Places To Play

Local Places To Play

Looking for exciting and inexpensive outdoor recreational fun for the entire family?  Try disc golf- a flying disc game and one of the fastest growing sports in the country.  It’s similar to traditional golf, but instead of a ball and clubs, players throw a disc, or Frisbee.

            The goal is to play a course while limiting the number of times a disc is thrown. The disc is tossed from a tee area to a target, which is usually a basket and considered the “hole.”  It’s easy to learn, making it ideal for beginners young and old while providing enough of a challenge for people interested in taking it to another level.  There are disc golf courses set up in different types of parks, but players can make up their own course on any available green space.

            “It’s a pick up and go kind of sport,” stated Jeff Hiller, local disc golf enthusiast.  “With portable targets, people can play anywhere, and it’s great exercise.”

            One of the best local spots to play is Prompton State Park, only about four miles west of Honesdale with an 18-hole disc golf course.  “It’s beautiful there, and the course is well planned and designed,” said Jeff.  “People drive from hours away to access Prompton.  It’s an ideal course for anyone whether they play once in a blue moon or are avid disc golfers.”

Local Places to Play:

Prompton State Park

            Route 170 in Prompton: Operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Prompton is an undeveloped state park situated on 1,500 expansive acres.  There is a 280-acre lake, boat launch, picnic area and pavilion, 26 miles of hiking trails, and other fun recreational activities.  The entire park is open to the public, and it’s free to play a round of disc golf.  Discs are not included.  

Apple Grove Picnic Area

            Route 191 in Honesdale: This is a serene picnic area. The full disc golf course is currently not operational, but people are still able to visit the grove for practice targets.

River’s Edge, Delaware Water Gap

            A nine-hole disc golf course about two miles from the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.  This is a beginner friendly 1,955-foot course with narrow fairways.  The area is wooded with a mix of hills and flat terrain.  This is free and open to the public.  People are asked to bring their own equipment. www.shawneeinn.com | 1-800-742-9633.