Kids Books for Snuggling by various authors and illustrators

c.2023, various publishers $18.99 to $29.99 various page counts

When the temperatures plunge, you feel like doing what’s natural. You want to grab someone small and a nice fluffy blanket, and you want to snuggle in. Make it your best snuggle-session with a couple of these great books for little readers, ages 4 to 8…

Everybody needs an extra dose of love – isn’t that why you’re snuggling with your child and a book? So make that book “The Light She Feels Inside” by Gwendolyn Wallace, illustrated by Olilvia Duchess (Sourcebooks Jabberworky, $18.99). It’s the story of a little girl whose loved ones make her glow with happiness. So who else in her lifetime would do the same, and how can she use her light to change the world? Also try “Something, Someday” by Amanda Gorman and Christian Robinson (Viking, $18.99), a story about friendship, potential, and the potential in doing good together. Either of these books are great for starting a conversation on making the world a better place.

If you’ve got a kid who already shows a preference for true stories or history, check out “Harlem at Four” by Dr. Michael Datcher, illustrated by Frank Morrison (Random House Kids, $18.99). The first half of this story is about Harlem, a four-year-old who loves to explore her neighborhood with her father. The second half of this book lets Harlem travel back in time to the Great Migration, where she learns more about the place she was named after. This book is steeped in Black history and people a kid should know. Also look for “Welcome to the Opera” by Carolyn Sloan, illustrated by Kaly Quarles (Workman, $29.99), an interactive, fun, and wonderfully kid-friendly book that includes a cute story and real sound effects that will entertain your child and prepare them for movie night, a TV special, or a thrilling night at the opera.

And, of course, sometimes you just need a bit of pure silliness, right? So look for “How This Book Got Red” by Margaret Chiu Greanias, pictures by Melissa Iwai (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, $18.99). Gee is a panda. Red is a panda, too – just a different kind of panda. So why aren’t there any books about red pandas out there, huh? This is a cute book about being different, and there’s a bit of rebellious humor inside, too. And for the little kid with a big imagination, there’s “If I Was a Horse” by Sophie Blackall (Little, Brown, $18.99). What would happen if a kid suddenly became a horse? Getting around the house could be very interesting. So would going to school. The advantages are that nobody could force you to do something you don’t want to do. This book is perfect for horse-loving kids and anyone who loves taking flights of fancy.

Of course, these books might not be enough. Check with your favorite librarian or bookseller and ask for the picture books they love best and the best stay-in-all-winter books to read. Then grab your child and head for a chair.

You’ve got some snuggling to do.