Hats Off to Four Who Gave Nine Years

Greater Pike Community Foundation (GPCF) held a reception at the Tom Quick Inn on Wednesday, December 8th, to salute four members of the Board of Directors: Chair Jim Pedranti, Treasurer Rosann Kalish, Dave Chant and Kirk Mackey. The four are leaving their posts having served nine selfless years.

Executive Director Jenni Hamill, in her remarks to the gathering, said of the four who’ve come to the end of their terms, “I don’t want to feel sad that you’re stepping down but thankful for what you’re leaving behind.”

As a co-founder, Jim Pedranti had a substantial role in the formation of GPCF and was recently recognized by the Pike County Commissioners for his leadership. Looking back, he said, “I’m proud we were able to be a facilitator for nonprofits in the greater Pike community and help people join the foundation with donor funds.”  Noting the GPCF reached a milestone of gifting $1,000,000 since its inception, Pedranti predicted, “There will be a time when a million dollars will come a lot quicker and it will be that much easier for the foundation to help the community build better lives.”

A retired sales and marketing executive, Pedranti said he is proud of the work the board accomplished, noting it was gratifying to have a diversified board working for an apolitical foundation that has proven to be a good custodian of the funds it has established.

Rosann Kalish also joined the board when GPCF was incorporated in 2012. She said she recalls the invaluable input of those who came together initially to establish Greater Pike. “The commitment to the community was impressive,” Kalish said. Looking back, she added, “I had no idea what a foundation was and I watched it grow and it was a treat for me to see it become this entity that people are familiar with now, knowing all the good the foundation does for nonprofits … it’s been very special.” Kalish served as Board Secretary and created the foundation’s back office.  She had the skills to do it: proficiency in shorthand and typing and a background as a teacher and an administrator.

A third exiting board member who was there from the start is Dave Chant of Davis R. Chant Realtors. He says Greater Pike was a foundation that brought people together, both full-time residents and those with second homes, to support various nonprofits and scholarship programs. “People were creative and wanted to be involved,” he noted. Chant also said he was proud to have had the late Richard L. (Dick) Snyder as a friend and colleague, calling him “The Godfather of Greater Pike Community Foundation.”  He added, “It was a pleasure to be a member of the team and I’m going to make myself available whenever needed.”

Kirk Mackey is also at the end of his term, having served on the board from the beginning. Over the years, Mackey, an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, has volunteered his time and/or served on the boards of several organizations in Pike County.  He currently is Board Chair at the Pike County Public Library and serves on the board of the Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy. Looking back at his tenure at Greater Pike, he said, “I was always impressed with the group that came together. We all shared a common goal in supporting nonprofits in the community.” He added, “I never fully realized the impact the Greater Pike has and can have on our community until the day I saw a friend of mine on line at a local food bank.”

In a final note, Hamill said, “While these four members will be sorely missed, their contributions have established the groundwork for the future growth of Greater Pike with its mission of ‘For Good. Forever.’”

Greater Pike Community Foundation helps individuals, families and local businesses to provide a permanent and personal way to give back to the community. For information on the different kinds of funds, visit https://greaterpike.org/our-funds/