By The Reverend Mrs. Silence DoGood

Dear Editor,

As we sat around our dining room table eating a vegetarian savory for dinner, I noticed that my seventeen year old daughter Sarah with an H had become quite beautiful. We were eating a recipe from a book that Julian had given her. It was entitled “Delicious English Savories for Healthy Living.” For years I had tried to get my very overweight daughter to lose weight but to no avail. Even many visits to a medical-doctor nutritionist didn’t help. But meeting Julian, a twenty year old farm hand from a neighboring farm, had changed her dietary life around. She had lost thirty pounds.

My dear husband Willie made the mistake of saying “Sarah you should go with Toby to US International to see if you could become a model.”

“That’s my job Dad. Not hers” said her 15 year old brother. Toby was proud and protective of his work at the modeling agency.

“But your sister has the same DoGood genes as you. Maybe she too could earn some money for college. After all, we work together as a family.”

As Sarah with an H’s mother I was thankful for the positive influence that Julian was having on my daughter. But as a woman I was terrified of the effect he was having on her. After all, she gave up sugar for him! What else in her life would she give up? But I understood. When I first met Julian I couldn’t help myself either.  I wanted some of his magnetism.

“How is Julian?” I asked.

“I haven’t seen him lately. Flossie tells me that he’s very busy working on the farm and when he’s not working there he’s studying in his room. He wants to learn everything there is about growing corn.”

After the dishes were done each of us went our separate way in the house. I went to our library alone to resume thinking about relationships. I had already started thinking about them when I was preparing our English savory for dinner from Julian’s recipe book. He and Sarah with an H seemed to be in the early blush of attraction. A new relationship. They liked each other even though they knew very little about each other. As humans we do that. It seems our unconscious auras touch and it is pleasant. We are drawn to each other with a physical attraction not necessarily an intellectual one.

I sat in our library in a dim light. It was perfectly quiet. I was thinking of what to say in my sermon for the following Sunday. I knew I wanted to speak about relationships. I know that they are probably the most important aspect of human life. All of our relationships. The many of them. Loved ones, family members, friends, fellow workers, store clerks, strangers. 

But the most important relationship is of course the one. The one who has the number one place in our life and the one for whom we want to be their number one. Even though our auras touch with each relationship, it is that one special relationship that awakens our deepest sensory fibers.

Yes each of us has an aura of human electricity. It is an emanation surrounding our body comprised of one’s emotional, mental and spiritual parts. And when we meet the one it is like a warming light that awakens those deepest and often times forgotten or unknown fibers. It is the dawn of light that awakens us to ourselves. We say yes this is who I am. I now know and feel who I am. This is who I want to bring forth into the world. I want to stay awake. And I want to be enlightened more.

My relationship with my husband Willie continues to enlighten me. Even days when we disagree or even argue, his sunlight on me confirms who I am. And I trust that my aura’s light awakens the best in him at his deepest levels. It is not spoken, seen or heard. But love can be felt.


The Reverend Mrs. Silence DoGood

Senior Editor

Executive Director



Choir Master (part-time)

The First Church of God’s Love