Spring weather did WHAT to my house?!?

While winter gets a lot of the attention (and it deserves it), Spring weather can bring its own set of problems that can impact your home.  These can be minor or serious, gradual or sudden, and clearly visible or hidden.  This is why it’s so important to not only know what you’re looking for, but to take the time to spot these issues and address them before they have the opportunity to worsen.

Not all Spring weather damage is created equal, but here are some of the most common things you can keep an eye out for and what you can do about it!

Storm Damage

Spring is well known for its stormy weather and in addition to the rain, we often have strong winds and even tornadoes!  This can lead to roof damage, siding damage, and in the case of tornadoes and extreme winds, even structural damage.

Storm Damage is often covered by insurance, so it’s important to alert your insurance company of any damage as quickly as possible.  For this reason, we always recommend that you take some time to walk around your home following a storm to look for any signs of damage that may need to be addressed.  You may even experience roof damage including roof leaks!

Hail Damage

Ever unpredictable, Spring weather can run the gamut, and even include ice and hail.  While Spring hail and ice rarely hangs around for very long, it can still leave a lot of damage behind, including to your home (most often its roof) and your car. 

Most easily recognized by its telltale dents and stress cracks, hail damage generally impacts a large area so you may find that your entire block or neighborhood experienced hail damage at the same time. 

Water Intrusion

Spring in Pennsylvania means rain, A LOT of rain.  While it’s rarely more than the ground can handle, this amount of rain can cause the water table to rise leading to sudden water intrusion in your basement.  This can ultimately lead to a number of serious issues from water damage to mold growth and can even lead to failure of your furnace or sump pump! 

While water intrusion is often looked at as “just a little rain”, water issues really should be taken more seriously as they can quickly develop into costly repairs if left unchecked.  A basement waterproofing system or humidity control is often all that’s needed to address an existing water intrusion issue.


Sometimes there’s just too much water for the ground to handle and this is when our area experiences flooding.  Flooding is any water that hits the ground and then flows along the surface or into your home and can be extremely dangerous. 

Flood damage can be heavily contaminated, requiring mitigation and disinfection services to return your home to pre-loss, safe, condition.

While we hope that your spring is full of spring flowers instead of spring storms, they’re both likely.  Hopefully this helps you recognize some of the often overlooked damage that Spring can bring so that you can address these issues quickly and before additional damage occurs.

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