Community, Art & Space

By LA Guzda

Making Space for Girls

SpaceKids Global has partnered with Girl Scouts of Citrus, ProxOps and NASA to invite all Girl Scouts to rev up their imaginations and submit an experiment you would like to see in space. Your idea can happen on-board the International Space Station in July 2021!

Calling all future engineers, designers, scientists, mathematicians, technicians, and astronauts. SpaceKids Global is offering 3 program challenge areas. You may choose one or more of the challenge areas, however, each of your submissions must be individually received by 11:59 p.m. on October 22, 2020.  You will find registration and submission details under the Registration section.

The 3 categories of the Making Space for Girls Challenge Programs are as follows:

  1. Making Space for Girls Mission Patch: proposed patch artwork/design
  2. My Space Dreams: write an essay on what you believe space and space travel will be like in 10 to 20 years, when it may be your turn to go!
  3. Girls Scouts in Space: proposed ideas for an experiment to send to the International Space Station (ISS) in a Faraday Box provided and managed by ProxOps.

At least one submission from each category will fly to the ISS on a launch scheduled for July of 2021.  Panelists from the space industry will review all submitted ideas, drawings, and essays to choose at least one from each category. Every girl who participates in the Making Space for Girls Challenge Program will receive a Mission Patch and a special certificate congratulating her on her participation in this exciting and unique STEAM program opportunity.

The Holiday DONATION Drive

The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is hosting the Holiday Donation Drive 2020 to brighten the lives of community children in Pike and Wayne counties.

Like everything this year, the Holiday Toy Drive is going to look a little different. Usually, boxes are distributed for toy collection. To protect families and volunteers while adhering to safety and social distancing guidelines, all donations will be monetary this year. 

The Bold Gold Media and Wayne County Ford Holiday Toy Drive Challenge will continue as the Holiday DONATION Drive Challenge. Already we have seen businesses and groups get creative in their fundraising efforts. The goal is to raise $125,000 by the end of October.

For details and to donate, go to the Go Fund Page at:

People and Places: Photography as Observation

Narrowsburg Union presents a curated exhibition centered around photographic representations of people and places at a time of immense change, disruption, and uncertainty.

I am honored to showcase my work in the Owl Gallery. “Even through periods of immense change and disruption, there is a normalcy that we must cling to or lose our minds.  There is constancy in love, kindness, and hope. The “New Normal” of everyday activities is a bridge between our past and the future. Smiles and laughter – with or without mask – will give us the strength to move beyond the uncertainty.”

The Narrowsburg Union is located at 7 Erie Street, Narrowsburg, NY.

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