Pike County Couple Survives COVID-19

Lorraine Klein worried about her husband Steve, she says, more than herself but it turned out they both had COVID-19 at the same time.  The Hemlock Farms, Pike County, couple, both in their seventies, were both feeling poorly, but Steve had a fever and trouble breathing. Still, one day after calling an ambulance for her husband, Lorraine found herself being admitted to the same unit on Wayne Memorial Hospital’s COVID19 containment floor.  While Steve was in the hospital longer – nine days compared to Lorraine’s seven—neither had to be put on a ventilator.  “I was so nervous about the disease,” says Lorraine, who has asthma, “but I actually felt better in the hospital because everything was there if anything went wrong.” Steve was discharged on oxygen but three weeks later he was able to walk short distances without it.  The couple is originally from Queens, New York, but they have lived in Pike County since 1998. They suspect they picked up the virus on a cruise, which ended with a flight back into New York City on January 29th.   But they’re just glad they survived it.  “The care at Wayne Memorial was excellent,” says Lorraine, “the staff was just amazing.” The Kleins had a checkup on April 30th and both were told they’re doing just fine!