Top 5 Pet New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is upon us.  It’s time to reflect upon the past year and determine what we want to achieve, change, or do better in the new year.  This applies to all aspects of our lives – including our pets. 

Here are five pet New Year’s resolutions you may want to implement.

More Walks: 

            Whether it’s a stroll around the neighborhood or a brisk walk through some hiking trails, a whopping 56% of pet parents surveyed made this their #1 pet resolution for this year.  Most of those respondents have a goal of two walks per day! They cited exercise, maintaining their pack leader status, and bonding as their motivation for walking Fido more often.  

Bonding Activities: 

            More car rides, doggie bakery visits, beach outings, and family vacations are among the activities that respondents said they are resolved to doing more of with their four-legged family members.  Getting out and spending some quality time with their pets to make that bond even stronger is at the top of pet parents’ minds this year!

Nail Trims & Teeth Brushing: 

            Tied at #3 are these two often neglected hygiene “must dos.”  Pet parents understand that keeping on top of your pet’s nail trims and choppers can prevent many serious health issues.  Did you know that ideally your pet’s nails should be short enough so they don’t click on the floor, and their teeth should brushed daily?   


            We all can’t have a Lassie, but a good number of pet parents recognize their pet needs some better training to curb some not-so-favorable behavior.  From teaching better recall (getting your dog to come when called), to getting Rover not to jump on guests, or training your cat to stay off kitchen counters…pet parents are ready to put on their dog (or cat) whisperer hat!

Healthier Eating: 

            Pet parents are definitely on board with feeding their pets better quality foods this year.  They’ve been doing their homework and want to do all they can to ensure their furry friends live a long and healthy life.  So, look out gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, raw food, and probiotics – pet parents are coming to get you in 2018!

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