Rod of Iron Freedom Festival Presents Amanda Suffecool & the REALIZE Concealed Carrying Fashion Show

Rod of Iron Freedom Festival Presents Amanda Suffecool & the REALIZE Concealed Carrying Fashion Show

The Rod of Iron Freedom Festival taking place on October 12 and 13 at Kahr Arms/Tommy Gun Warehouse in Greeley, PA is pleased to present Amanda Suffecool and the REALIZE Concealed Carry Fashion Show.

            Amanda Suffecool is not only the host and producer of EyeOnTheTargetRadio, which is a nationally syndicated pro 2nd Amendment radio show, she is the face of Concealed Carry Fashion Shows across the nation.    

            On the radio, Amanda and her co-host Rob Campbell talk the technical aspects of firearms at a level that non-technical gun users can absorb.  They answer questions, talk to leaders in the firearms world to bring you the latest in legislation, the changes in technology and the advancements in training, while sharing the general fun a trip to the range can be.

            The show originated in Ohio in 2010 and is now heard from the west coast of Washington State & Oregon to Ohio and multiple states in between.  As trainers, collectors and firearm enthusiasts  – Rob and Amanda have spent years answering gun questions from their students and their friends.  

            The EyeOnTheTargetRadio show educates interested current and potential firearms owners on a variety of topics from firearms selection, history of the gun, current events and interesting guests to political aspects of defending the second amendment live on the radio and archived in podcast format.

            In 2014, driven by questions from concealed carry holders such as, ‘Where do the instructors hide their guns?’  The first concealed carry fashion show concept was born, and a show was produced in Independence, Ohio.    From there, history was made, or at least the start of concealed carry fashion shows making waves across the country.

            Amanda’s shows have been featured on VICE in the documentary, “Packing Heat in Heels”,  and HBO featured the 2018 Chicago fashion show that kicked off the Second Amendment Foundation’s ( Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC).   There are a total of 5 concealed carry fashion shows on the 2019 schedule of the Ohio-based 501c3 REALIZE firearms awareness coalition. ( 

            Locally, the fashion show is scheduled each afternoon at 3:30 at the October 12 and 13 event  Rod of Iron Freedom Festival.

            Concealed Carry Fashion Shows are designed to show you what you cannot see, the concealed firearm.  In the search for the perfect carry options, there are many things to consider, including style of dress, body style and the size of the firearm itself.

            With the variety and intricacies of female clothing options, adding a gun to the mix adds complexity.   We are living in a time where female – and male- carry options are many.   Purse, clothing, undergarment, holster carry are now all options in good quality gear.  

            The show features bags and briefcases from Asfaleia Designer, pants from 5.11 and leggings and tops from Tactica Fashion, among other designers.  Local models will be having a great time hamming it up on the runway and demonstrating safe and effective methods of carry. 

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