Pocono Secrets Now a PODCAST

Now you can get your Pocono Secrets wherever you find your favorite podcasts. (hosted on Anchor)

These stories run approximately ten minutes in length. In revisiting old articles and updating information, the podcast format allows for expansion on a topic. The first season will present eight episodes.

Episode 1: Birthplace of the American Conservation Movement.  We all know that Gifford Pinchot is recognized as the Father of the American Conservation Movement which began in Milford, in Pike County. But not many know about his first love with a woman who died before they were able to marry. Yet, she influenced his early career from beyond.

Episode 2: A Christmas Connection – Honesdale. Richard Smith wrote the lyrics to Walking in a Winter Wonderland, a Honesdale native. Philip Hone, for whom Honesdale is named, is a self-made man of wealth and leisure. Hone was friends with Washington Irving – hence Irving Cliff. These gentlemen have a holiday connection to the world.

Episode 3: Birth of the Heart-Shaped Tub. Visionaries, great marketing, crime family connections all create this fascinating story. Even the creation of the PGA evolved from enjoying the natural beauty and relaxation of the beautiful Pocono Mountains.

Episode 4 is currently in production while the remaining episodes in Season 1 will be posted by the spring.  Link to Pocono Secrets Podcast:  https://anchor.fm/poconosecrets

There is such a rich history of creativity and oddness that is fascinating about the Pocono Mountains. Its close proximity to New York City and Philadelphia makes it an ideal location to replenish the soul. Besides the fact that this area helped to build both of those major metro areas. It is astounding how it has remained undeveloped for so long.

Here in the Pocono Mountains, you can enjoy a night sky bursting with stars, sunsets that inspire artists and air so clean you can drink it from a cup. And “secrets” from the past that will delight, engage and often surprise.

I invite you to join me as we explore what is new, what’s old, what’s cool, what’s weird… what the locals know.

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