GAIT Hosts Horses 4 Heroes Events

GAIT Welcomes Participation from Local Heroes

Horses 4 Heroes is a national program implemented locally by GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center. Offered free of charge to participants, the program improves the effects of PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout through equine-assisted activities and interactions. 

Therapeutic horsemanship has been proven effective for physical and emotional rehabilitation, including PTSD and brain injuries. Riding and working with horses allows participants a temporary escape from the stress and pressure of the outside world and all its noise and clutter.

GAIT recently hosted two Horses 4 Heroes events.

On September 21st, firefighters and first responders from the Milford Fire Department came to GAIT to practice rescuing a horse from a stall using fire halters donated by the Pike County 4-H Club.  GAIT Executive Director Martha Dubensky observed, “In the process of using the halters and leading a horse to the safety of the pasture, closing all stalls and gates behind them, the firefighters realized there was more to saving a horse that they thought; it was an important exercise.”  Several participants expressed interest in returning for an in-depth introduction to GAIT’s Horses 4 Heroes program. 

Horses 4 Heroes is Horses is free to participants, but there are costs for GAIT. To support the program, donate online at www, (be sure to apply your donation to Horses 4 Heroes) or mail a check to GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center, PO Box 69, Milford, PA 18337 (indicating that you would like the donation to go to the Horses 4 Heroes program).

Those interested in participating Horses 4 Heroes at GAIT should call 570-409-1140 or email GAIT looks forward to hearing from you.