Convid 19

Greater Pike Foundation Focuses on Crisis Needs with New Funds Grant Applications Available Soon

To rapidly address ongoing and emergency needs for our community, Greater Pike Community Foundation is announcing the establishment of a third emergency fund—Greater Pike Covid Relief Fund (GPCRF).  The fund will provide support for qualified government and nonprofit relief efforts helping those harmed by the COVID epidemic in the greater Pike region.

Jim Pedranti, the Foundation’s Board Chair said, “The (GPCRF) fund will address the many immediate and long term needs of the community and will enable people to have access to food pantries, emergency relief programs and other needed community resources such as health and social services.”

GPCRF will soon be accepting grant applications. Information about how to apply for these funds will be available shortly via the Foundation’s website at or nonprofit representatives may contact Maryanne Monte at for more information.

Greater Pike Executive Director Jenni Hamill says the need right now is great.  She added, “We live in a region of generous and caring friends and neighbors who understand that help at the local level will have the fastest and most direct impact on this disaster.”

Two other new funds are also currently accepting donations to assist in emergency services.

The Milford Covid Relief Fund, (MCRF) will provide support to nonprofit service providers and organizations trying to meet the urgent needs of Milford’s residents, business owners and those who work in Milford; the Pike County Emergency Services Initiative Fund, (PCESI) will provide funding to qualified Pike County emergency services agencies and other nonprofit emergency response organizations, including training programs for emergency medical technicians.

Donations can be made to any of the three funds online at or via check payable to “GPCF-GPCRF”, “GPCF-MCRF”, “GPCF-“PCESI” respectively, mailed to Greater Pike Community Foundation, P.O. Box 992, Milford, PA 18337