Green Spaces for Spring Fun

By Bill Deaton-Outdoor Ramblings

Trying to plan for outdoor adventures during March in Northeastern Pennsylvania is a bit of a crap shoot. The six springs I spent managing the recreation department of a local resort taught me that March is a fickle monster. Plan for snowshoeing and you get 65-degree days. Plan for kayaking and there will be ice on the pond. That’s all well and good if you are a seasoned veteran but if your trekking typically involves children in tow, planning for family fun can be a chore. My kids love being outdoors but packing a parka that you will have to tote two miles into a trip or underdressing them for the voyage only to have the weather make a turn for the worse doesn’t do anyone any good. We like to get the kids out but always want some added insurance that things will go smoothly. Consequentially, our local parks and playgrounds tend to be our go-to locales.

There are literally dozens of municipal parks throughout the area, and we’ve been to plenty of them. Among our favorite romps are:

  • Bingham Park in Hawley. Two playground areas and swings plus multiple sports fields and courts for pick-up games or kicking around balls.
  • Paupack Twp Park in Lakeville. Two trails and a pond to explore plus a playground, sports field, and courts. It’s also at the end of its own road so traffic is minimal.
  • Central Park in Honesdale. Playground and picnic tables but kids can run amok in the park playing hide-and-go seek.
  • Firefly Park in Matamoras. Lots of playground equipment, sand pit, bridges, tunnels, and things to climb on. In summer there’s a splash pad.
  • Carlton Drake Memorial Park in Newfoundland. Ample fields, playground, trails and creek.

There are plenty of family friendly trails and natural attractions in the area, but many may not have ideal conditions for a visit. Our local parks make a great alternative. There’s lots to keep kids busy and with the car close by, it’s convenient if the weather goes foul or you need a spot to stash the coats and sweatshirts if the mercury climbs.

Photo: Bingham Park Playground. (Wayne Co. Conservation Distict)