Pike County Conservation District Seeking Public Input

As the year comes to a close, the Pike County Conservation District is looking to the future, and wants local resident’s input!  You spend your life in Pike County, surrounded by its magnificent natural resources, so the Conservation District wants to know what’s important to you!

Pike County Conservation District (PCCD) is a legal subdivision of State government, responsible under Act 217 — Pennsylvania’s Conservation District Law — for natural resource conservation work within County boundaries.  PCCD was established in 1956 and has worked actively since then to carry out programs focused on conservation of soil, water and other natural resources. The District is guided by a Board of Directors whose members are recommended by county-wide nominating organizations and appointed by the County Commissioners. The Board meets monthly to guide programs and staff and coordinate partnering efforts with other agencies to provide conservation assistance in Pike County. PCCD is committed to natural resource conservation through leadership, education, and technical assistance to ensure the long term protection and sustainable use of Pike County’s natural resources.

To achieve their mission, PCCD regularly provides an opportunity for important input from residents and partners. The Conservation District Board is currently working to update our plan for the future – identifying the needs of residents, the important natural resource issues that are of concern, and the types of programs and activities that will enhance the District’s ability to meet these needs and issues.  

Your input on how Pike County Conservation District can best serve the needs of our community and conserve our natural resources is important. Please provide your input by answering the survey questions on their website, pikeconservation.org. Surveys must be filled out and submitted by January 10, 2020.

Visit PikeConservation.org for more information, and questions can be directed to pikecd@pikepa.org / 570-226-8220.