Could your home sale be in jeopardy before it even hits the market?  With buyers much more aware of potential issues and what to look for, it certainly could be!

The good news is many common issues that can derail a home sale are preventable!  Here are a few things you may want to consider before putting your home on the market.

            As always, consult with your real estate agent to ensure your property is competitive and makes a great first impression.

Your home is overpriced

            The easiest way to stop potential buyers in their tracks is by overpricing it.  Sit down with your real estate agent and consider their suggestions when determining the list price.  They will be familiar with recent sales in the area and what would be competitive for your home.  The perfect price should generate a lot of buyer attention and be comfortable for your own finances as well!

Your home doesn’t make a great first impression

            Let’s be honest, you’ll only have one chance to make a great first impression.  You want to get the attention of potential buyers and make them begin to envision themselves living there.  You can do this by cleaning through the house thoroughly, clearing clutter, staging furniture, and otherwise making your home inviting.

You haven’t been keeping up on maintenance

            When potential buyers conduct a walkthrough of the home, they’ll notice that chipping paint and creaky step.  Worse still, they may begin to be concerned that the home hasn’t been properly taken care of.  What may be viewed as a minor maintenance issue to you, could be viewed as the tip of a much larger iceberg to your buyers and their home inspector.  Instead, take some time to work down that punch list and check off all of those little things you’ve been putting off.

You’ve been ignoring needed repairs

            Do you have a mold issue in your attic or asbestos pipe wrap in the basement?  These are things you may have been planning to have professionally addressed but just haven’t had the opportunity to.  Unfortunately, these repair issues are often recognized by home inspectors and can scare off potential buyers.  Avoid having these issues crop up during your sale by addressing them now.  It’s important to have any indoor environmental issues such as mold and asbestos properly addressed by qualified individuals to ensure this work is performed properly and the home is safe.  Covering up issues such as this can result in a much larger issue later on.

Your home has radon

            Have you tested your home for radon?  Due to a number of education campaigns launched by the DEP and EPA over the last few years, home buyers are increasingly aware of the risks of radon in homes and are having homes tested prior to purchase.  Recognized as the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, many potential buyers are, understandably, concerned about this invisible and odorless hazard.  Instead of waiting for your buyers to discover radon, by conducting testing now, you are able to proactively address potential radon issues!

            By addressing these preventable issues before your buyers find them, the whole process will move along much smoother and with fewer potential issues!  From everyone at Disaster Blaster, we hope you have a smooth home sale and a quick closing!

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