Start having sex


How Changing Your Everyday Habits Will Make You Hot for Each Other All Over Again.

This Valentine’s Day, check out this book on keeping sex alive in long-term relationships that is groundbreaking, controversial, and best of all – it works! Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis (of Eyes Wide Shut fame) have written a book that has people talking around the world.  After years of research, they discovered the surprising everyday habits that can sabotage our sex lives, and calling each other “honey” is just the beginning.  (Pet names have been around for centuries, and this is the first time anyone has ever challenged their use!)

How many couples have fallen into the “roommate syndrome” and think there’s no way to change – that it’s just “the way it is” after a few years?

Unlike so many relationship authors, Davis and Arana have actually been in this situation and that is why they wanted to write this book – to share with the millions of women who might have lost the desire to have sex with their spouse that it’s not that difficult to get that spark back.  Sex is the glue that keeps a relationship solid and, without it, even if you are best friends, good parents, and a great team – if you’re living like roommates, your relationship is at risk from failure.

Challenging the status quo, Arana and Davis have found that it’s the everyday things we say and do can sabotage our sexual chemistry – something that all of the other self-help books seem to have overlooked.  While other books recommend date nights and sexy lingerie, “Stop Calling Him Honey…and Start Having Sex!” looks at the subtle and powerful ways we dull our desire for each other and offers groundbreaking advice to solve this too-common dilemma:

•  How terms of endearment can hinder          your sexuality

•  How sharing everything including bathroom habits is not good for a relationship 

•  Why couples need to argue more, not less, and the best ways to do it 

•  How maintaining a sense of separation will keep you both together 

•  Why feeling sexy doesn’t hinge on hav-ing the perfect body but rather on how a woman feels about herself and how she projects those feelings to her partner.                                               

Finally, a sex self-help book that is revolutionary, humorous, easy-to-read, and inspiring – with practical advice that gets to the core of why your sexual desire diminished in the first place and how to get it back easily and permanently.


            Maggie Arana was in a sexless relationship for many years, and her story gives her a unique personal insight on why the “roommate syndrome” is so common with couples, and what you can do to change it.  Maggie is a UCLA graduate in English Literature (summa cum laude) and has written for various publications throughout the years, including Music Connection and the former BAM Magazine. She also has many years of experience in public relations.  Margaret is in a happy, long-term relationship and does not call her guy “honey.”  She lives in Los Angeles.

            Julienne Davis is an international model, singer/musician and actress, having played the pivotal role of Mandy Curran in Stanley Kubrick’s psychological thriller, “Eyes Wide Shut.” Her career has enabled her to travel the world and live and work in many cities, from New York to London, Paris to Milan.  Julienne and “non-honey” husband, a renowned English DJ and writer/journalist, live in Los Angeles in a mid-century modern home that they lovingly restored over a two-year period.

“I’m not sure if familiarity breeds

contempt in marriage, but I’m sure

it breeds boredom in the

bedroom.  If you and your partner are in a sexual rut, Davis and Arana will help dig you out by offering you concrete advice for rekindling the juiciness you felt when you first met.  Their

counter-intuitive yet effective suggestions will bring out the sexual siren in you and bring back passion to your relationship.”

— Michele Weiner-Davis, author of The Sex-Starved Marriage, The Sex-Starved Wife, and Divorce Busting.